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About us

We are Ulla and Jürgen Weidner. For over 20 years we know the area around Mount Olympus in Greece, have a cottage there and speak quite reasonable the Greek language.

Why are we stranded at Mount Olympus?

It was love at first sight. At the end of a roundtrip in Greece, we drove up the road to Litochoro early in the morning. The sun was rising and the mountains summits glowed pinkish. That was it, this moment gave the rash! The combination of sea and high mountains, skiing while looking at the sea, swimming while watching the snow-capped peaks, is what still fascinates us.

Ullas hobbies are Greek folk dance, cooking well and the garden, Jürgen likes to ride a motorcycle, swimming and loves the nature.

Why this Homepage?

Since we found too little information in German about our environment on the Internet, we decided to do something ourselves to help solve this "deficiency". So some programming courses were taken and gradually the code for the homepage was crafted by hand.

For our articles, books are sometimes used and the Internet also provides indispensable services for our searches. Occasionally you will find external videos we embed and, of course, further links.

The most important source of information, however, is personal conversations. The archaeologist, the abbess, the priest, the biologist, the head of the forestry office, the museum director, the ranger of the national park and many other professionals are our conversation partners. All professionals in their field, who see our work positive and support us without exception.

Thus, we hope to create stone for stone a mosaic over the years.

An occasional visit is worthwhile, as the website is constantly being expanded.

If you have questions, criticism or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via info.olymp@web.de.

Note of Thanks

First of all, our thanks to our friend Monika for their patience with the corrections. Without her we would not know how many commas there are out in the world. Thank you Moni!

Through the use of external services we are supported in our work. In particular, we would like to mention:

Thanks to all of you!

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