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In About three Hours to the Summits

When the usual ascent from Litochoro is too lengthy or too cumbersome or who wants to go a different route to the summits of Olympus, should deal with this route.

Especially for people who are able to walk uphill for a few hours but do not have the condition for long-term climbs, this route is a real alternative. The price is a longer drive (about 70 km from Leptokarya), for which a cross country vehicle (SUV is sufficient) is recommended.

From Leptokarya we follow the road to Karya. We head to Elassona direction and pass the villages of Sikaminea and Kriovrisi. We continue downhill to a riverbed. The bridge (39 ° 59'30.79 "N, 22 ° 17'6.12" E) is crossed, then we turn right and follow the signs "Olympos Ski Center". If you follow the road to the end, you reach the monastery of Sparmos, which can be visited. Our goal is the summit region, which is why we turn left (40 ° 0'36.05 "N, 22 ° 18'38.93" E) and continue uphill towards "Olympos Ski Center". We leave the asphalt road in a right-hand curve (40 ° 1'44.32 "N, 22 ° 18'13.11" E) marked with a black-yellow ton, and turn onto a dirt road.

In the summer months, we have to be cautious of the cattle. These are predominantly cows and their calves, occasionally horses. Please drive carefully. The animals usually leave the way, but if they panicked they are unpredictable.

Follow the dirt road until you come to a crossroads (40 ° 2'36.38 "N, 22 ° 17'20.95" E), on the left we see a shelter for cows. Here we turn right. After about two kilometers, there is the opportunity to gather Mountain tee from the end of June to the end of July. The deposits are plentiful, the collecting is allowed. After a few kilometers we reach the Christakis shelter (40 ° 4'19.79 "N, 22 ° 20'9.81" E) at 2550m altitude.

There are two buildings, which are not managed and have ten sleeping places. If you want to stay here, which is not necessary with the shortness of the tour, you have to bring everything you need.

From the hut we follow the marked trail uphill. Please do not make the mistake and continue straight ahead to the alleged summit! After approximately 40 minutes ascent, the path branches off to the right, please note the markings. We reach a mountain ridge on the back of which the path leads up to the summit of Skolio (40 ° 4'53.61 "N, 22 ° 20'56.87" E), 2912 m high. You should have reached after about 90 minutes. If you want, take a break and enjoy the magnificent view of the peaks and the surrounding area and contribute to the summit book.

The further way to the highest summit, the Mytikas (2918.8 m) is obvious and need not be further described. After about another hour you reach the highest peak, the Mytikas.


    It is important to know that this hike is not a walk. Good fitness, propper clothing, footwear and sun protection also is important on this route. The climb to Mytikas is dangerous in places. If you have any questions, please contact the mountaineering club in Litochoro.
    Tel. 0030-23520-82444
    Emergency Numbers:
    Radio Frequency 146500


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