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Information for Mountain Tours in the Olympian Massif

Walk only when you feel healthy. Listen to your body.

Do not walk alone.

Get informed about the weather, the course and the marking of the hiking route

Do not deviate from the given routes. Do not try to shorten the route. The consequences can be life-threatening. Check out the difficulty of your hiking itinerary.

Ensure the right equipment: Warm clothing (even in the summer, the temperature in the peak region can drop to the freezing point), mountain boots, water, sun protection, etc.

At the summits of Mytikas or Stefani you should follow the red signs. The ascent to these two summits is partly dangerous!

Keep distance from other climbers in difficult terrain. Watch out for rockfalls.

Move slowly and carefully. If you cause yourself a stone strike, please warn your followers.

Follow the instructions of the National Park Administration, fire brigade, mountain rescue and helpers of civil protection

If you would like to stay in a mountain hut, please book the accommodation in advance. A list of the cottages can be found here:

    Emergency Numbers:

    Emergency general: 112
    HRT Thessaloniki:
    Fire department: 199
    Mountain Rescue Litochoro:
    Radio frequency: 146500



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