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Basic Informations about Litochoro

Geographical location: 40° 7` N, 22 ° 30`O, Member of the Diou-Olympou Association, Prefecture of Pieria, about 7000 inhabitants.

Litochoro is locatet in five kilometers distance from the coast. As the altitude between 300m and 450m shows, it is a mountain village. Typical are the winding streets, which always offer beautiful insights into Greek live. A tour from the central square, which was recently designed as a roundabout, is in any case recommended. It leads to hidden churches, small squares, fountains and well-kept, mediterranean landscaped grounds.

The foundation of the place is dated to the 14th century.

As a starting point for the ascent of the summits, there are some hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops for daily needs in Litochoro. The village offers on Mondays the typical weekly market, which extends below the park. Fruits, vegetables, clothing, fabrics and many other goods are offered at reasonable prices.

Litochoro offers some sights.

For example the church Agios Nikolaos, located directly at the central square of the town.

Or the Nautical Museum. Such a museum is normally not expected in a mountain region. Since ancient times the inhabitants have a relationship with the sea. Either as sailors or fishermen. The small port of Limenas Litochorou also bears witness to this. The museum is housed in the town hall.

If you follow the road through the village uphill to the south you reach a small park with a small church and a restaurant. Especially in the summer heat this is a place appreciated by the inhabitants.

From the central square, follow the signposts to Enipeas gorge, and you will come to a small car park at a restaurant. From here, a path leads into the canyon which is easy to walk. But the European route E4 to Prionia also leads up from here. If you continue into the Olympus, you arrive at the monastery Agios Dionisis The road continues to the Stavros mountain hut. This offers accommodation, restoration and serves as a starting point for hikes. Afterwards you reach Prionia. Here, too, there is a hut which serves only as a restaurant. Prionia is a starting point for the ascent to the cottage Spilios Agapitos. But even for those who do not want to wander, stroll around a little is worth it.

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