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Basic Information about Vrondou

Geographical location 40 ° 12`N, 22 ° 26`O, member of the Union of Dion Olympou, Pieria Prefecture, about 2000 inhabitants.

Vrondou, north-west of Dion, is surrounded by fields. Whoever draws conclusions on the main branch of its inhabitants is correct. Farming and cattle feed the people of old age.

There is a large church in Vrondou. Around the Platia, the central square of the place, there are numerous cafes and tavernas. Although quite small, Vrondou has something to offer the visitor.

If you drive up the mountain towards the west, you will reach a larger car park. Turn left here and follow the road to the end, you reach a staircase that leads down into a riverbed. At the bottom is the chapel Agia Kori .

If you continue straight from the parking lot you reach the church Agia Triada. A wonderful sight in front of monumental mountain scenery. A visit is worthwhile, but the view down into the river bed is more suitable for dizzy people.

From Vrondou, a little less well-known ascent to the Olympian summits starts.